Altair® Panopticon



The XMLA connector allows you to connect to static heterogeneous data sources.

Using XMLA

  1. Launch the Connect to Data dialog and then select XMLA.

The XMLA Connection dialog displays.

  1. Enter the Host name.

  2. If appropriate, enter a User ID and Password, then click the Connect to Server button.

  3. Select the Source Database, then click the Fetch Cubes button.

  4. Select the Cube, then click the Retrieve Metadata button.

  5. You can either:

    • check the Manual Edit box to manually edit the XMLA query, or

    • select from the available Measures and Dimensions, and click Add Columns, Add to Rows, Add to Slicer as appropriate to automatically build your XMLA query.

  1. Check the Ignore Empty box (enabled by default). This reduces the number of rows returned from the cube, consequently improving the performance.

NOTE: A manually entered query should not be changed. This is only applicable for queries that are built with the query builder.

  1. Check the Skip Aggregated Rows for both the leaf and aggregate rows to be processed from the returned cellset.

  2. Click OK. The source table is returned in the Edit Data Table view with the title of the file selected and the fields displayed in the Data Source Preview.