Altair® Panopticon


Apache Cassandra

The Apache Cassandra connector allows connection to Apache and Datastax Cassandra instances, by executing a pre-defined CQL query, and retrieving the resulting data.

Using Apache Cassandra

  1. When creating a new data table, select Cassandra from the Connect to data dialog. The Cassandra Connection dialog displays.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Host & Port

    • Key Space

    • User ID & Password

  1. Click the Test button to ensure that the connection settings are correct.

  2. Enter the CQL query, which can contain parameters in a similar manner to the Database connector.

  3. Select whether the parameters should be automatically enclosed in quotes, by checking the Enclose parameters in quotes checkbox.

  4. Select the output Time zone. This assumes that Cassandra is returning data in UTC.

  5. Select OK when you are finished. The source data is returned in the Edit Data Table view, with the fields displayed in the Data Source Preview.