Altair® Panopticon


Kx kdb+ Deferred Sync Query

The Deferred Sync Query feature allows the Kx kdb+ connector to support synchronous and asynchronous reads. The advantage of using this option is that there is no queue on the Kx kdb+ server side, queries are farmed out to nodes and returned to asynchronous instead.

Checking the Deferred Sync Query box would enable the query box:

The {Query} parameter is used as a place holder for the target query that is defined in the Query builder.

This q query is generated by selecting the Tables & Views radio button and then clicking the Load Tables button.


The combination of the Deferred Sync Query and Query On-Demand may not always work. Although the Deferred Sync Query option itself should work with or without having a complete q query.

You have to decide then what query to use based on your setup. For example, if you have scenarios where you just call a method then the Query On-Demand option must not be selected.

For advanced users of the Kx kdb+ connector, you can opt to use both queries since they have the discretion on the Q query that would work.