Altair® Panopticon



The Rserve connector allows the retrieval of an output data frame from a running Rserve process.

For R connectivity, R must be first installed, together with the Rserve library.  Additionally R must be open, and the Rserve library must be loaded and initialized.

Using Rserve

  1. When creating a new data table, select Rserve from the Connect to data dialog. The Rserve Connection dialog is displayed:


  1. Update the Connection Details for the Rserve instance as appropriate (Address, Port, Username, Password).

  1. Enter the required R script to execute on the active Rserve instance. You can also opt to click Browse to select a R script file.

  2. Select whether the parameters should be automatically enclosed in quotes by checking the Enclose parameters in quotes box.

  3. After entering a valid R script, click the Test Connection button. A confirmation dialog displays to show that the connection was successfully established.

  4. Click OK to execute the R script, and return the resulting R data frame.

A Timeout is set to 10 seconds by default to ensure that slow running R scripts, do not impact other areas of the product.