Introduction to Datawatch License Server

Datawatch License Server v15.0 is a licensing management application for Monarch.

Licenses for users are managed through instances. An instance defines the product and the license to which a user is entitled access. When a user attempts to log into Monarch, the application calls Datawatch License Server by instance name and checks whether or not this user exists within this instance. If the user does exist, he or she is authorized to log in and the license that this user is entitled to is automatically applied.

The Datawatch License Server v15.0 application consists of two components:

  • License Service – The service that handles all interactions between Monarch and the application database that stores data about the instances, licenses, and users.

  • Configuration Utility – The desktop application that allows managing instances, licenses, and users.


The following topics describe how to start Datawatch License Server and how to use Server Explorer. This guide also provides information about Datawatch License Server settings and troubleshooting.

Datawatch License Server is a distributable application, which means that you can install both components onto one machine or you can install them separately onto different machines within a network. For information about installation of the application, refer to Datawatch License Server v15.0 Installation Guide.

Note that this version of License Server supports Monarch versions 14.1 and later, including Monarch versions 15+.