Unrivaled Data Exploration, Preparation, Automation, and Distribution Across Organizations

Altair Knowledge Hub is a browser-based application that allows users across organizations and regions to seamlessly and automatically explore, prepare, and distribute data.


Knowledge Hub features the following functionalities:

  • Share data from a single-user environment to clustered server environments to deliver the necessary information to vast communities

  • Enable global team-driven collaboration and improve productivity by saving workspaces into the Knowledge Hub library for retrieval in Monarch Data Prep Studio or sharing workspaces with other Knowledge Hub users

  • Access data from both structured and semi-structured sources, including PDFs, reports, and all major databases, into orderly tables for subsequent business analytics

  • Open workspaces saved directly from Monarch Data Prep Studio in the Knowledge Hub library, a local environment, or shared by other users

  • View workspace and table information, including all input data sources, data preparation operations applied, published tables, exports, and schedules, prior to working with it

  • Clean and prepare data for visualization or further analysis

  • Export data to a number of a number of the most popular visualization and advanced analytics tools

  • Capture data preparations in portable data source definitions, workspaces, and processes to enable easy re-use and sharing across users and environments

  • Schedule process execution for automatic data distribution

  • Socialize data use by sharing and liking objects, subscribing to them and other users, and following users; popular items are recommended to other users based on social interactions and usage patterns

This release is compatible with Monarch Complete 15.4, Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER 10.8, and Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO 10.8.

More information on Knowledge Hub may be obtained at

Altair Branding

Datawatch Corporation was acquired by Altair Engineering in December 2018. Consequently, Monarch Swarm has been renamed to Altair Knowledge Hub. Company logos and other specifics have also altered to reflect those of Altair.